bThank you and sorry are the words often used in the day to day language. We all big and small use the word “Thank you”, but there is a way of saying this word.
The person to whom we say Thank you becomes happy.

• We have to Thank the person when he has given you a very good service or has tried for you from his heart.

• Someone has given you gift or a treat.

• Got a chance to work completely with some person and you have enjoyed that work.

• If someone has worked beyond the hope and completed the work before time.

• Someone has gone out of the way to do your work.

• If you have assigned a special work to someone, never forget to Thank him from the core of your heart.

• Thank at once on the completion of the work because after a span of time it loses its importance. If the person who has worked for you is not present, send him mail, send sms or phone him and say Thank you.

• If in your team work, there is discussion on a special subject, do not forget to Thank the person who has collected the information so that he should think that his work has been given consideration and noticed.

• If you have to go somewhere and someone has made your arrangements, but due to some unavoidable reasons you could not go, then also you must say Thank you to him.

• When you are Thanking a person, do not discuss irrelevant topics, as the attention will be diverted from the main point and the value of saying Thank you will lose its value.

• Whenever you Thank do it cordially, not without emotions or artificially. Like ‘Thank you, you have done my work’.

• If needed, a Thank you note can also be sent.

• With a smile on the face say Thank you while keeping your body language right.
If possible shake hands also.

• Do not say Thank you while busy in multi tasking. Say Thank you while focusing on the person.

• If you are saying Thank you on phone, say it keeping in mind the time factor of his sleep, taking meals or sending the kids to the schools etc.

• While sending the email say Thank you in simple words. Do not copy the lines from a book.

• If possible, the Thank you can be sent on Thank you card.