1It took 19 hours and 50 minutes to make the poster of 1,62,788 square feet
The Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has dawned upon the film world merely two years ago and has three super hit movies to His credit.
All the three movies have scored tremendously at the Box-Office.

These movies with the effective messages and pure entertainment have changed the very face of Bollywood. This has happened for the first time in the history of movies that a newcomer artist has given a hit with his very first movie and has established new world records of varied types.

The three movies of the Revered Guru Ji have ,in different styles, made a series of world records and its number has reached one and a half dozen ie.
18 which is amazing in itself. The Revered Guru Ji has 58 World Records for human welfare but 18 out of those have come off due to these three movies, which is amazing. In merely 25 days, the movie, MSG The warrior Lion Heart, made in the direction of the Revered Guru Ji and His daughter respectable royal daughter Honeypreet insan, has got two records and on enetering the hundred crore club, the fans have made one more record by making the world’s largest poster. The fans busy in the success celebration of ‘MSG The warrior Lion Heart’ made a giant poster of one lac 62 thousand and 788 square feet at MSG Indian Sports village situated at Shah Satnam Ji Dham.

The record of this poster will be sent to Guiness Book of World Records. Prior to this ,the record of making the largest poster was in the name of Generation Gurdin Kumer of Geneva, Switzerland, who, on the past 14th of May 2016, had made a poster of size 8115.32 square feet size. The organizer, Pushpa Insan while giving the information about this event conducted by the company Hakikat Entertainment private limited, told that the fans have made this poster in the happiness of the success of the movie ’MSG The Warrior Lion Heart’.

These are the records-

Records of ‘MSG the Messenger’ -6(3 Asia, 3 India Book of Records) Asia Book of Record- 1. Maximum people in the promotion of the movie(MSG the Messenger), 26th of January, 2015. 2.
The design of most number of dresses (MSG the Messenger) 19th of May, 2015. 3. The maximum number of people in a scene of a movie (MSG the Messenger) 19th of May ,2015. India

Book of world records-

1. The maximum presence of people in the promotion of a movie-25th of January, 2015.

2. The burning of candles by maximum number of people in a scene of a movie-19th of January, 2015.

3. The dance of maximum number of people in a scene of a movie-19th of May, 2015.
The records in the name of MSG-2 the Messenger: 10(2 Guiness, 5 Asian and 3 India Book)

Guiness Book of World Records-

1.The largest poster(MSG 2, the Messenger) :9th of September, 2015.
2. The largest greeting card Mosaic (MSG 2 the Messenger) :22nd August, 2015.

Asia Book of Records-

The maximum number of people dancing simultaneously-18th of October, 2015.

– Largest Poster:18th of October, 2015.

– Largest greeting card Mosaic: 18th of October,2015.

– The wearing of MSG Rakhi by the maximum number of people: 18th of October, 2015.

– The presence of maximum number of people at a premier :18th October,2015.

India Book of Records-

– The maximum number of people saluting simultaneously: 18th of October,2015.
– Waving of hands in air after tying the wrist band by the maximum number of people: 18th of October,2015.

– Greetings of birthday by maximum number of people: 30th of October, 2015. MSG the warrior Lion Heart: 2(1 Asia, 1 India Book of records)

Asia Book of Records

Celebration of happiness of promotion of movie by lighting the earthen pot lamps with desi ghee by one lac 50 thousand and nine people on 23rd of September, 2016.

India Book of Records –

The Revered Guru Ji has done three roles in front of the camera and 30 behind the camera.