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Yoga and Your Lifestyle Yoga is the base of our health. Yoga balances the flow and provides you natural health and beauty. The yoga whereas makes all body organs healthy, physically, it also makes our mind and heart balanced and happy.

The old Maharishi noticed that the healthy body and mind is controlled by a mild energetic centre in our body. The reason behind this is that yoga works at the level of Mild Life Energy level. Here the flow of energy should be balanced and clean. Your health depends on your physical and mental condition and status of soul. Yoga is actually flow of life.

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Some Aasanas related to Yoga are given below


Padam means Lotus (Kamal). This aasan activates different energetic points in our body. In Yoga, these power points are considered as LOTUS. In this aasan, the body becomes like a LOTUS. So it is called Padmasan.

First of all sit on a carpet on a straight land. Take right leg and foot and fix it on the left thigh, and then put right leg and foot and fix it on the right thigh. Keep the hands in the midst or make some special position. This is the PADMAASAN or LOTUS state. Then focus your eyes on a light or OM. This Aasan is very helpful for meditation, focus and pranayam.


This aasan is very helpful in making the energy flow upwards. The upward flow is not only helpful in balancing the energy level and thus making us healthy, but also makes our SPIRTUAL level healthy.

The specialty of this particular aasan is that we get all the benefits of VAJRASAN. In Shashankaasan, the body shape becomes like half moon. KRIYA: First of all sit on a plain surface and put both the legs and feet (spread).

Mold the right feet from the right knee and put under the right Hips and mould left feet from the left knee and put under the left hip. This will be the state of VAJRASAN. First try to touch the stomach part to the hipsnitamb, then try to touch the chest and then slowly put you forehead on the earth.

This is the full status of Shanshakasan. Keep your inhaling intact. Try to put the spine straight and slowly start exhaling and start bending down. In the begining start, you can do as per your comfort. Then extend it and start doing this aasan for three minutes at least.


Common people cannot reach to the peak of this aasan. But doing the half part of this aasan can give you full benefit. This is named after the popular Saint Matsyendernath. This aasan is beneficial for all the stomach ailments, obesity and diabetes. First of all sit on a plain Surface at a carpet.

Sit straight with stretching your legs in front of you. Bend your left leg and try to touch your feet to your right buttock as shown in the above image. Bring your right leg outside of the left knee. Touch your feet to the ground. Keep your spine erect. Exhale and turn your upper body to the right. Hold your right feet with left hand and place your right hand behind you are on the ground


This aasan is specially beneficial for reproductive and urinary organs and the legs. Bhadrasan also helps in balancing the energy flow.


First of all sit on a carpet on a plain surface. Mould right knee and put the right ankle below the urinary part called Seevani. Like that mould left knee and put the left ankle below the urinary part Seevani. Now both the ankles will be joined.

Catch front portion of the feet with both the hands. This is the shape of full Bhadrasan. Now concentrate on your breathing and focus your eyes on a particular point] Always remember that yoga is the balance of physical, and mental energy and of soul as well.

Every effort of yours would take you to new destinations. Always do yoga empty stomach in the morning for better results. You can do aasans anytime with the condition of being empty stomach. You can do yoga, four hours after meals.

While doing the aasans, see to it that inhaling and exhaling process should be normal. Emphasize on concentration. The more careful you are in doing the aasans, the more you will be benefitted with special results.



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