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Home decoration tips - Sachi Shiksha

Tips for Home Decoration: Do It Yourself Ideas

Home decoration is an art which has got a unique meaning for each and every individual. Although it is true that the expensive items provide an add-on to the decor but home decoration need...
Home Decoration With Waste Material - Sachi Shiksha

Home Decoration with Waste Material: DIY Tips – Get The Best Out of Waste

Home Decoration Ideas DIY: Decorating home is very important because it creates an aura of love and happiness. More so, it also makes a good impression on the outsiders, visitors and the guests. But...
house shifting tips sachi shiksha

Here are the Best House Shifting Tips.. It’s Never An Easy Task..!

Shifting of House after staying in a home for some years is not an easy job. People living in rented house suffer a lot by changing houses now and then. But finally they learn...
Your house should be Super-cooled Sachi Shiksha

Your House Should Be Super Cooled

When the summer comes, we witness a windfall presence of such juicy fruits as mango and watermelon. At the same time, the increasing temperature and the bouts of summer-heat start hitting the faces of...
How to Make Home Budget - Sachi Shiksha

How to Make Home Budget?

In present day full-fledged life, days, months & years pass, I do not know. As the nation is changing, the means of employment are declining rather than increasing. Business men have a different life,...
Decorate Your House With Home Apps - Sachi Shiksha

Decorate Your House With Home Apps

Everyone wants to make his/her house beautiful, but generally people do not know from where to get the idea of decorating and making the house beautiful. Whom to ask? Now you do not have...
How to Plan A Budget for Your House - Sachi Shiksha

How to Plan A Budget for Your House

How to Plan A Budget for Your House There was a time when a male member used to earn and a family of 6-7 members used to enjoy the life. No problem, no tension....
Curtains: The Pride of Your House - Sachi Shiksha

Curtains: The Pride of Your House

Often you make a variety of decorations to make your home beautiful such as planting in the house, setting up furniture, decorating the walls & using the beautiful electrical tools. In this way, the...
How to Keep Your House Up To Date? - Sachi Shiksha

How to Keep Your House Up To Date?

Every house needs a proper care whether it is a new or old one. If we do not take proper care of the new house, then in a short time it will start to...
Be careful While keeping a maid at home Sachi Shiksha

Be Careful While Keeping a Maid at Home

In today’s time when life has turned extremely busy for the working parents, keeping a maid for household works and looking after the small children has virtually become essential. The working housewives virtually cannot...
Timely Maintenance of fridge is Must - Sachi Shiksha

Timely Maintenance of Your Fridge A Must

In today's time, fridge has made an important place in the home. However, it becomes problematic if there is no electricity or fridge is not working for two-three days. Fridge prevents the food from...
Some Points to Ponder While Living in a Housing Society

Some Points to Ponder While Living in a Housing Society

There was a time when all members of the family used to live happily under one roof. They shared collective joy and sorrows. Today, it is no more the same. The problems started increasing after...
Our Abode is Our Friend, Decorate it Nicely to Reside Peacefully

Our Abode Is Our Friend, Decorate It Nicely To Reside Peacefully

Your Dream Home In human life, the periphery or surrounding of your living place is very important as it makes a lot of difference. The surroundings also make us sick. At home, we always seek...
When A Small Doggy Comes to Your Home

When A Small Doggy Comes to Your Home

Canine Care If there is a small doggy in the home, all remain happy. For small kids sometime the doggy is a toy or sometime a friend. These dogs not only give recreation and happiness,...

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Deteriorating Air Quality

Deteriorating Air Quality Introduction: Every year, around these months which mark the beginning of winters we experience immense air pollution which obstructs our vision and...
Importance of Biotechnology -sachi shiksha

Importance of Biotechnology

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Inventions of the Century

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