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Stop Touching Your Face –Break the Bad Habit

Did you ever imagine that touching your face, even sub-consciously, can be an unhealthy, unhygienic, annoying habit? Studies have found that people across different age groups, particularly the young, develop this habit, albeit unconsciously, and it may be worse than any other ‘bad beauty habits’ for that matter.

Fiddling, scrapping, peeling, picking, scratching, rubbing anywhere on the face may be an unconscious habit pattern, but you may not even realize that this pattern is leading to infections, scars and even nasty marks on the face. These marks cannot be hidden under cosmetics.

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It is an unhealthy, unhygienic habit that may lead to contamination due to transfer of bacteria or microbes, dust or dirt, sitting on surfaces we touch throughout the day; like keyboards, cell phones, walls, handle-rods, door-knobs, books, stationery, kitchen, washroom-basin surfaces, etc. These agents can find easy entry into our food also.

Our body surface has a very fine, thin layer of skin which is tender and delicate and can easily be penetrated by external agents. Insignificant as it may seem to be, but this habit can be responsible for bad health or an overall unpleasant appearance. If you have an oily, greasy face-skin, then you need to be even more careful, because the grease from your face can spoil any other surface.

The pattern can aggravate dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc. Pregnant and nursing women must take extreme care about this bad-habit, because babies are extremely prone to infections. Doctors and para-medical staff should keep their hands and finger tips very hygienic and sterile because they have to handle patients and perform surgeries – something that is quite critical.

Other than washing and sanitizing, there are several other ways to break this habit for good, and determination and alertness is the key to it all.


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