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Importance of Biotechnology -sachi shiksha

Importance of Biotechnology

Importance of Biotechnology Introdduction: Biotechnology is a branch of science and technology that deals with the use of living organisms or parts of this to develop or create products useful for humans. Traditional processes usually...
Inventions of the Century -sachi shiksha

Inventions of the Century

Inventions of the Century Introduction: The people of the 21st century have always created, and in an extremely small amount of time went from building fires and creating stone-shaped arrows to making smartphone applications and...
Mental Health Literacy in India

Mental Health Literacy in India

Mental Health Literacy in India Introduction: Every year from May-1 to 31st May we celebrate the mental awareness month, but still there is long way to go and achieve. India is not far behind other...
My Waste My Responsibility -sachi shiksha

My Waste My Responsibility

My Waste My Responsibility Introduction: Disposable plastic is used in events, marriages and functions with no worry regarding the plastic waste which will be thrown into the landfills. On the other hand, management of...
Personal Financial Planning -sachi shiksha

Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning Introduction: There is no scarcity of financial educational resources. A number of academics work diligently in the finance field. Numerous theories have been suggested and so many hypotheses have been proven to...
Children’s Day -sachi shiksha

Children’s Day

Children’s Day Children are the most honest creatures on the planet, with adorable joy, happiness and mischievous behaviour. Every parent wants their child to achieve success in life by teaching him or her important life...
6 Ideas to Utilize Your Free Time -sachi shiksha

6 Ideas to Utilize Your Free Time

6 Ideas to Utilize Your Free Time  Also Read: Wisdom is Grand Success Be Ambitious, Think Positive to Achieve Success in Life The Mantra of Success Freelancing Career in Journalism Exercise- Physical exercise is important for both...
Benefits of Learning Foreign Language -sachi shiksha

Benefits of Learning Foreign Language

Benefits of Learning Foreign Language Introduction: There are approximately 7,000 languages in the world. Knowing more than one language is becoming immensely important as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. Individuals must comprehend how powerful a...
Food Security -sachi shiksha

Food Security

Food Security Introduction: Food security is a fundamental component of our long-term viability. To achieve sustainable development, the objectives of food safety and security must be matched, and trade-offs between these objectives must be properly...
How to be Productive -sachi shiksha

How to be Productive?

How to be Productive? Introduction: Every human is born with a purpose. It is the same purpose that gives value to our lives. Doing nothing makes us feel purposeless and a person of no value....
Importance of Dressing Well -sachi shiksha

Importance of Dressing Well

Importance of Dressing Well "Manners make a man"  Introduction: Importance of manners is evident through this quotation. A man lives in  society and the society follows some norms. These norms are important for the functioning...
Poverty Alleviation in India -sachi shiksha

Poverty Alleviation in India

Poverty Alleviation in India Introduction: Poverty is a sad state of lack. This lack may be deprivation of a sound economic state, basic social amenities and even political rights. Even though India's economy is growing...
Electric Vehicles –An Opportunity for Future sachi shiksha

Electric Vehicles –An Opportunity for Future

Electric Vehicles –An Opportunity for Future Introduction: An electric vehicle (EV) is one that runs on electricity rather than an inner engine, which produces power by combusting a mixture of fuel and gases. As a...
How is Reading a Book Better than Reading an E-book -sachi shiksha

How is Reading a Book Better than Reading an E-book

How is Reading a Book Better than Reading an E-book Introduction: People now days  are so much absorbed into smartphones and laptops that they have forgotten the feeling of reading books. Even if they want...

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Deteriorating Air Quality

Deteriorating Air Quality Introduction: Every year, around these months which mark the beginning of winters we experience immense air pollution which obstructs our vision and...

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