Save Yourself From the Risks of Smartphone

Introduction:Mobile phones and internet has changed the world. Should you wish to speak to anyone even at thousands of miles away, it is merely pressing  a button and you are connected. It has become very easy to catch anyone anywhere. This way you can do many important works, sitting at home, with the help of mobile. Neither petrol expenses, not the pain of commuting to a place and nor the pain of standing in lines.

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Mobile As a Favourite Gazette:

Due to facility and less price, this has become very favorite gazette today. Be it village or town, this has become part of everyone’s life. But we have to pay price for everything. This is the same even in case of cell phones. The distances in relationships, bad effect on health, falling standard of quality of life and specially for kids, it has become a risky gazette. And it has been observed that they are getting crazy for it.

Mobile Addiction:

The new generation is such a slave to the cell phones that it would not be wrong calling it ‘life style addiction’. According to the psychiatrists, if a person uses cellphones for certain hours in a day then he develops some kind of psychological disorders. Mobile addiction reduces self esteem.

They develop problems with regard to developing social relationships. They feel helpless without the phone. It is difficult for them to focus on a work. Apart from elders, smart phone has become status symbol even for kids. This is the reason that every day the market is being dumped with new models of phones.


Today the scene is that a mental disorder ‘nomophobia’ is spreading like plague. Losing a phone means losing an important part of life.  If the phone doesn’t ring for a long time then taking it and checking, whether it is on or switched off.  Sometimes just having a false realization of the phone ringing. This is known as nomophobia.

Bad Effects on Body:

Along with psychological problems, the phone even puts bad effects on the body and develops other kinds of problems.

Usage of Smartphone, more than needed, leads to the following problems:

  • burning sensation over the scalp of head, and itching over there.
  • Tiredness and sleeplessness, hearing sounds in the ears or ringing bells.
  • Taking time to respond.
  • Headacheand memory loss. Possibility of ‘brain tumor’.
  • Problem in the digestive system, nausea, increase in heart beat, numbness in limbs, joint pain, gripping of muscles, stroke and paralysis.
  • Reduction in white blood cells, even it can cause asthma.
  • Eye cancer & losing sight.
  • This all can happen crossing the limit. So, now could you see that this technology not only gives enjoyment but even can bring the message of death.

Precautions For Use of Mobile:

Mobile phone is very essential today. We can`t do away with it. But we should remain  alert to the risks and keep the following  things in mind: –

  • Don’t keep the mobile on vibration mode.
  • Don’t use cell phone to listen to music, watching movie and playing games.
  • Put anti radiation cover on your mobile.
  • Don’t keep cell phone close to your head in night, as well as in day time
  • Don’t speak more on cell phone. Remind yourself that it is for important things, not for chatting.
  • As per a study, using mobile phone for long time damages the tissues in the brain, because of the electromagnetic waves coming out of it. This report specially warns the kids under 16 years of age to reduce or not to use the mobile phones at all.
    The facts being placed by the scientists show that the usage of mobiles by the kids is very harmful.TheBritain based ‘National Radiological Protection Board’ has warned that it is mandatory to save the kids from the harmful effects of the mobiles. This should be one of our priorities.


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