Kitchen tips

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Kitchen tips

• Do not throw stale bread. Cut it into small pieces and put it in the curry. This will thicken the curry.

• To make thin slices of bread for sandwiches put the kitchen knife in boiling water and then use it. This will help to make the slices easily without breaking them.

• To keep the flour dough elastic and loaves soft, mix a little milk in it while kneading.

• If you feel that AlooTikki is getting a little sticky, use very small amount of Arrowroot powder (Ararot). Then again make it. Tikkis’ would be crispy than ever.

• While making Pakodas’ add a few teaspoons of refined oil and Eno fruit Salt. This will make Pakodas’ crispy and puffy.

• While cooking spinach (Palak) add pinch of Soda. It will keep the green color of spinach intact.

• If you want crystal brown color of the onion while cooking Pulav, add a little bit of sugar to it. It will make the cut onion crystal brown and crispy.

• Put round Potato chips in alum water before frying these. These will retain their white color.

• If the biscuits become humid, put them on medium temperature in Microwave oven for five minutes. Later put them in a jar with two cubes of sugar in it.

• To make jelly thick and syrupy add a little amount of lemon juice in it.

• If the salad leaves look a little stale, put them in ice water for 10 minutes. The leaves would be as fresh as ever.

• To remove the tomatoes skin, hook them on a hook and roll them over the stove in a quick succession.

This will peel off the Tomato skin easily and fast.

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