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health and safety tips during monsoon - sachi shiksha

Be Cautious.. It`s Monsoon Time

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter as the rain drops make the most beautiful sound while lashing down, it quenches the Earth’s thirst which has grown steadily over the past few months. The earthly aroma wafts...
Life after Lockdown

Life After Lockdown

Wondering what will it be when India and the rest of world ‘opens’ again. Will life be the same as we knew it before this pandemic put an unprecedented pause or will it change...
Indoor Health

Indoor Health

“A Healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.” With the devastating impact of Covid-19 continuing all over the world, a change in the lifestyle of people is the only way people can live and...
What good the Corona did? Sachi Shiksha

What Good the Corona did?

Once when Akbar had gone for a hunting expedition he had shot an arrow at his own foot mistakenly. Furious with himself he had questioned Birbal for the same. Birbal, being the wise man he...
gond katira for bones - health benefits of gond katira - Sachi Shiksha

Health Benefits of Gond Katira | Best Drink to Cool Your Body

Sachi Shiksha shares valuable information that matters on Natural Health Care Tips & Tips for Good Health. Today we are excited to write and publish this article on Benefits of Gond Katira.
Stay fresh in summer - Sachi Shiksha

Liquid Substances Bring Freshness in Summer

We keep in mind the ways through which we can take care of our skin according to weather but we never pay attention as to how to keep our body healthy according to changing...
tips for healthy living - Sachi Shiksha

5 Tips for Healthy Living: Healthy Lifestyle Facts – Simple & Actionable

Healthy living in general means both physical and mental health (which are closely linked in  almost all aspects) are being in balanced functioning state. This balanced state helps us to perform our regular tasks...
Make Morning Walk Interesting - Sachi Shiksha

Make Morning Walk Interesting

Make Morning Walk Interesting  Are you one of those who feel the morning walk is boring one and cannot be a regular morning walker. Morning walk is a best workout for the brain in...
Sharpen Your Mind By Developing Faculties of Brain - Sachi Shiksha

You Can Sharpen Your Mind By Developing Faculties of Brain

You Can Sharpen Your Mind By Developing Faculties of Brain Have you ever thought that sometimes when literate people are left behind, on the other hand the people with ordinary knowledge do that work. There...
Meals Taken Under Tension, Anxiety Affects Our Body Adversely - Sachi Shiksha

Meals Taken Under Tension, Anxiety Affects Our Body Adversely

Meals Taken Under Tension, Anxiety Affects Our Body Adversely Thought for Food There is a close relationship between the body and the mind. Directly it is seen that the organs are doing all the work but...
Complete Dental Care - Sachi Shiksha

Complete Dental Care

Complete Dental Care Look After Your Teeth For a Healthy Living The white and shining teeth are compared with white pearls. If you smile, your teeth glitter and shine. According to WHO, nearly 90% of school...
Be careful while charging mobile - Sachi Shiksha

Be Careful While Charging Mobile

Be Careful While Charging Mobile The mobile or handset has now virtually become an inseparable gadget for human being. However, many are not well-acquainted with the method of charging it. The more you use the...
Sometimes, Stubborness is Also Necessary - Sachi Shiksha

Sometimes, Stubborness is Also Necessary

Some people are very stubborn and obstinate by nature. Is being stubborn and obstinate a bad habit? Actually habit is not good or bad, only the results of it may be good or bad. If...
Health Tips For Computer Users - Sachi Shiksha

Health Tips For Computer Users

Health Tips For Computer Users In computer age, there is no use of computer, it is beyond imagination. Computer is a special need of today. We cannot be saved from the bad results of...
Avoid Eating at Night - Sachi Shiksha

Avoid Eating at Night

Avoid Eating at Night In every language, there are proverbs regarding over eating and sleeping more (Pet bhar khana khaane ke baad khoob sone ki kahavaten). This is not a right approach that we...

How to Find Adulteration in Food Articles

For keeping our precious body healthy, we have to regularly intake many types of food articles by which innumerable nutrients like proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are obtained but most of the shopkeepers,...
Eat Apples and Keep Diseases Away - Sachi Shiksha

Eat Apples and Keep Diseases Away

"An apple a day, keeps doctor away" is a very famous sentence in English, it means that eating an apple every day, can keep the doctor away. The apple is excellent in taste and is...
Medicinal Values of Fruits and Vegetables - Sachi Shiksha

Medicinal Values of Fruits and Vegetables

Best when eaten raw, uncooked or semi-cooked. Whatever we eat has an either positive or a negative effect on our body. But vegetables and fruits are certain edibles that would never have a negative...
Morning Breakfast a must - Sachi Shiksha

Morning Breakfast a Must

In the metro cities, because of the fast life style, the life as a whole and the daily routine gets badly affected. There are tremendous changes in the eating and living habits of the people....
Blowing Shankh Helps Stammering - Sachi Shiksha

Blowing Shankh Helps Stammering

Blowing Shankh Helps Stammering The shankh or conch shell sound is used only for religious purposes. Rarely people know that it helps in curing diseases. The sound of shankh can help controlling several diseases. This...

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