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Relief From Depression - Sachi Shiksha

Relief From Depression

Depression is a state of sadness, dejection and lack of enthusiasm or hope. The affected person becomes sorrowful, engrossed in grief and develops reduction in vitality (creates hollowness). Depression is not a condition of...
Secret Behind Spices: Interesting Facts & Benefits - Sachi Shiksha

Secret Behind Spices: Interesting Facts & Benefits

Secret Behind Spices: Interesting Facts & Benefits It is a fact that before we saw the revolution in allopathic treatment for diseases, our ancestors had the healing secrets of our common spices. They knew about...
Meditation - Sachi Shiksha


Meditation In Simple Words, Meditation Involves Thinking on a Particular Subject in Silent and Congenial Conditions. In religious terms, the meditation is a unique method of concentrating the thoughts through God Words witch tends to link...
Complete Dental Care - Sachi Shiksha

Complete Dental Care

Complete Dental Care Look After Your Teeth For a Healthy Living The white and shining teeth are compared with white pearls. If you smile, your teeth glitter and shine. According to WHO, nearly 90% of school...
Identifying Adulterated Edible Items in Easy Ways

Identifying Adulterated Edible Items in Easy Ways

Identifying Adulterated Edible Items in Easy Ways The adulterated food items have flooded the markets. We all know consumption of such items would be very harmful for our health as they may result in causing...
Bliss of Silence - Sachi Shiksha

Bliss of Silence

Silence is a voluntary state of quiet, calmness, stillness and taciturnity (reserved in speaking) of a person or place or situation. It is opposite to the conditions of noise, outcry, uproar and tumult. Silence holds the...
23rd Mega Free Eye Camp - Sachi Shiksha

Vision for the Blind – 23rd Mega Free Eye Camp

Vision for the blind-23rd mega free eye camp Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan pioneered Mega Eye Camps in Haryana, way back in 1992. Today this unique endeavour of free care has touched thousands...
Early to Bed and Early to Rise Sachi Shiksha

Early to Bed and Early to Rise Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

If the mood is not good after getting up in the morning it means our full day is a waste. For a good mood in the morning it is necessary to sleep properly in...
how to control noise pollution - Sachi Shiksha

Beware of Hazards of Sound Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Everyone likes serene atmosphere and gets enthralled by a soothing musical note. Soothing music is okay, but what about the Sound Pollution from industries, traffic and many other sources? And How to Control Noise...


IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITIOUS DIET Most of us understand what healthy eating involves – less fried food, less sugar, and more fruits and vegetables. However, when it comes to excellent nutrition,most of us are unaware of...
Learn To Cope With Jabbering - Sachi Shiksha

Learn To Cope With Jabbering

What causes heart ache? It happens because everyone has a heart full of emotions. No wise man ever hurts anyone’s heart. But then there is no dearth of people who break hearts. When a heart breaks, a...
Doctor's Advice

Doctor’s Advice

Doctor's Advice Get Free Advice from Dependable Doctor, sitting at Home Q: My age is 18 years. I experience pain in my waist. I face problem in sitting and getting up. Please advice. Pawan Insa Karnal...
Science behind Indian culture - Sachi Shiksha

The Science Behind Indian Culture & 5 Indian Practices

The Science Behind Indian Culture: India is known as the most ethnically diverse country which is profoundly known for its deep-rooted traditional culture and religious societies. India is also popular as the birthplace of...
Onions- A must-have during Summer - Sachi Shiksha

Onions: A Must Have During Summer

Haven’t we all heard some superstitious beliefs in our houses passed on from generations. Be it the cat crossing our paths or not cutting our nails and hair in the night. Every country and...
Make Your Old Age Charming - Sachi Shiksha

Make Your Old Age Charming

Balance in life style is necessary to live a happy, contented and successful life. If we adopt a right way of life when we are young, we can keep many problems and worries at...
tips for healthy living - Sachi Shiksha

5 Tips for Healthy Living: Healthy Lifestyle Facts – Simple & Actionable

Healthy living in general means both physical and mental health (which are closely linked in  almost all aspects) are being in balanced functioning state. This balanced state helps us to perform our regular tasks...
Be Unique – Be Yourself!

Be Unique – Be Yourself!

Be Unique – Be Yourself! "First Impression is the last impression" – William Hazlitt. We feel comfortable being ourselves. It is not wrong. But, one should relate to the importance of dressing well.  Self-grooming is an...

Alternatives to Sugary Drinks This Summer

Alternatives to Sugary Drinks This Summer  One of the major seasons in India is summer. This is one season that the subcontinent experiences in its extremities. Every state in India experiences heat in varying degrees...
Health Tips For Computer Users - Sachi Shiksha

Health Tips For Computer Users

Health Tips For Computer Users In computer age, there is no use of computer, it is beyond imagination. Computer is a special need of today. We cannot be saved from the bad results of...
Medicinal Values of Fruits and Vegetables - Sachi Shiksha

Medicinal Values of Fruits and Vegetables

Best when eaten raw, uncooked or semi-cooked. Whatever we eat has an either positive or a negative effect on our body. But vegetables and fruits are certain edibles that would never have a negative...

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Importance of Eating Healthy

Importance of Eating Healthy Some people think that it does not matter they will die when their time is up no sooner. A person’s life...
Pain of Being Alone - SACHI SHIKSHA

Pain of Being Alone

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