Comedy Needs Censor Now

Introduction: Comedy is a fiction genre that takes the form of narratives meant to be hilarious or entertaining by triggering laughter, particularly films, stand-up comedy, television, radio, journals, and any other form of entertainment. The term originated in prehistoric Greece, where political humor undertaken by humorous poets in theaters impacted the public sentiment of voters in Athenian democracy. Greek comedy is defined as a stunning role that pits two groups, ages, gender identities, against each other in a comical discord.

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Comedy an Important Part of Life:

Comedy is an important part of our lives, and in these difficult times when many people were suffering from mental health problems, strain, and anxiety, it’s safe to assume that comedy acts as dopamine in our bodies, and as a result, the comedy industry is thriving. Diverse ranges of comedy shows are attempting to enthrall us and introduce a little light into our lives by making people laugh. But do the content they chose every time is relevant and do the Censor Board now come to restrict it?

Types of Comedy:

keeps the world moving by letting people to simply brush off rude comments, laugh at each other and create a relaxed atmosphere. There really are numerous types of comedy, such as mockery, and sarcasm. There are numerous definitions for comedy, but all are strongly related to mentioning that the result will be joyful or hilarious. Comedy gives the impression that things will improve. Comedy is a social event that helps to resolve social tension and maintain social authority. It has the power to unite or divide social circles.

It can help to relieve conflicts and nervousness while also providing a peaceful outlet for dissidence.  There are as many types of comedy as there are ways to make a person laugh. Comedy is the use of dialect, which varies from vernacular speech to punch lines and riddles.  Physical and crude humor is sometimes used in comedies. These are commonly referred to as low comedy. Some make use of social comments, unusual situations, and speech. This is referred to as high comedy. There are dozens of sub-genres in between, ranging from farce to dark comedy, comedy of manners to sitcom. Although each subs – genre has its own formal characteristics, they frequently share techniques, such as the use of familiar characters and wrongful conviction plots.

Stand-up Comedy:

In India, comedy is about to bloom in a variety of areas of life. This statement implies that the seed of humor has already planted in the Indian heartland, sprouted, and is currently expanding rapidly into a plant. By comedy, it means stand-up comedy, and by seed, it implies the AIB which was founded in 2015 by a talented group of men. Satire and sarcasm are tools for mocking an institution in a humorous way. Starting in 1989, TV shows like ‘Flop Show,’ hosted by Jaspal Bhatti, used the same techniques to condemn those in power.   All of the veteran artists, such as Jaspal Bhatti, inspire the young generation of stand-up comedians.

Comedian & the Surroundings:

For a comedian to thrive, the surroundings must be sadistic and depressing, because this is when the brightness of comedy shines strongest. And, given the country’s present situation, the level of comedy will be out of this world. The arrest of Munawar Faruqui was extremely helpful in shining a light on the government’s hypocrisy. Stand-up comedy appears to be the new method of activism, as individuals have begun to take jokes deeply and as a personal assault. This is due to a hateful attitude that is contrary to Indian psychology. Throughout history, Indians have never been intolerant.

Pioneers of Stand-up Comedy:

The trailblazers of stand-up comedy advocacy are post modern comics like Faruqui and Samay Raina. These days, stand-up comedians are branching out into fields such as singing, acting, gaming, streaming, and more. And this will improve their material. As a result, one section in the book of Indian stand-up comedy has been completed, and the page has been turned for incomers to write. Because laughter is the best cure, comedians are just as vital as doctors.

Stand-up Comedy & the Censor Board:

India has always placed a high value on safeguarding the freedom of speech and expression; we have always housed diverse viewpoints and given our residents the right to form an opinion and convey it freely. Even so, this has been changing in recent years. The Censor Board is on drive to ban every possible thing whether it is a movie or a documentary or a comedy show. As stated above, the comedy shows in 90’s where all about humor but nowadays it has somehow changed its perception. The stand-up comedy which is in demand is now losing their grip in audience due to the language and presentation.

Clean Comedy:

Clean comedy is becoming increasingly uncommon these days. People prefer a bit of debate or adult themes in their comedy shows, resulting in clean comedians struggle. Whereas many people choose to watch shows with their children and families, it is also true that clean comedy is finding it hard when compared to adult entertainment shows. It is highly required for the comedy needs to be censored to make so that the environment remains safe and hilarious for everyone.


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