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Get various study tips and shortcuts to be on the top in your domain. Sachi Shiksha, the spiritual magazine in India provides various article archives on Study Tips

An Appropriate Alternative is a Must

An Appropriate Alternative is a Must

Open the newspaper or a local news channel the news of students committing suicides is common these days. It indeed is depressing to read and hear about such cases where a human being can’t...
Work from Home Options

Work from Home Options

Will it not be the most relaxing thing if you were paid for what you loved doing and that too within the confines of your cosy home, without having to brave the snarling traffic?...
Online Academics - Great Chance to Study from Harvard

Online Academics – Great Chance to Study from Harvard

Have you ever dreamt of studying from an Ivy League College, namely Uni. of Penn, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Yale, Cornell and Columbia and acquiring that coveted tag of education from the oldest universities...
exam fever prevention tips sachi shiksha

Push Exam Fever Away, Manage Yourself For The Studies

Among the many fears, the examination-fear is the oldest one. Students start fearing even by hearing the name of the exams. This is not right. If we remain managed, examination is not a ghost. You...
Be a Good Teacher for the Kids - Sachi Shiksha

Be A Good Teacher For Your Kids

Many parents want that their children should know the real lessons of life and struggles, from their early childhood. They want that their children should depend on them, for daily routine works. This is...
Choose the Best School for Your Child - Sachi Shiksha

Choose the Best School for Your Child

Choose the Best School for Your Child The month of April has come. Some children are free of their exams. Some children are preparing for their exams. At the same time, except for the...
A Home Should Have Space for Study - Sachi Shiksha

A Home Should Have Space for Study

A Home Should Have Space for Study As bedrooms and drawing rooms are the integral parts of our home so are the spaces for studies. It, however, is a matter of concern that in...
balance your life - Sachi Shiksha

Learn to Balance Your Time Between Work & Study

Precious Moments A day comprises 24-hours. No less, no more. Six hours are necessary for sleep to keep the body and mind healthy. From the remaining 18 hours, average four hours have to be given to...
Adopt Expressive Writing - Sachi Shiksha

Grow Great, Adopt Expressive Writing

Creativity Counts Expressive writing means the art of expressing your emotions through the medium of words. You can maintain your physical and emotion health under control by expressive writing. It is said that if you are filled...
Go For Tuition Only If Necessary - Sachi Shiksha

Go For Tuition Only If Necessary

It is the foremost duty of the parents to get best education for their children. Every parent wishes that his ward gets education and stand independently on his/her feet. But in the children’s education, one...
How to use Shortcut Keys in Computer

How to Use Shortcut Keys in Computer?

Though not in real life, ‘Shortcuts’ do work here! In today’s busy life, the earlier the work gets done, the better! But being in hurry all the time takes a toll at times, for instance...

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Deteriorating Air Quality

Deteriorating Air Quality Introduction: Every year, around these months which mark the beginning of winters we experience immense air pollution which obstructs our vision and...
Importance of Biotechnology -sachi shiksha

Importance of Biotechnology

Inventions of the Century -sachi shiksha

Inventions of the Century

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