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Experiences of Devotees- Blessings of Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj

Blessed with a Son & Told in Advance

  • Devotee Hari Chand Insan son of Shri Bhagwan Das from village Bappan district Sirsa hereby describes the blessings of Revered Param Pita  Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj:

It was in the year 1980 that the Naamcharcha ( Local Spiritual Assembly)which used to be conducted in our village was discontinued. The spiritual followers of my village discussed among themselves regarding nominating someone as their Bhangidas ( organising secretary of local spiritual assembly) so that the local spiritual assembly could be conducted continuously. That day, the spiritual followers of our village came specially to the Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa by  tractor trolley.

The spiritual followers had the vision of of Revered Supreme Father Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj in the Majlis ( spiritual assembly). The spiritual followers prayed to the Supreme Father that Revered Father, nominate the Bhangidas of our village. They also requested that the Bhangidas of our village was Hari Chand who has shown inability in rendering this service in future. The Revered Supreme Father said, ‘Do you have another person having the name of Hari Chand.’ So the spiritual followers replied, “Yes, Revered Father.” The spiritual followers took me by force to the Supreme Father and said that this is Hari Chand, we want to nominate him as our Bhangidas, but he is not ready.

Then the Supreme Father stated to the spiritual followers of our village that brothers, who have agreed to nominated him as Bhangidas, raise their hands. So, the whole spiritual followers stood up. The Supreme Father statedto me that ‘Brother, all the spiritual followersare standing, you should not refuse now’, I still answered with a shock of my mind. Then the Supreme Father spoke to me and said, ‘If We nominate you as Bhangidas, what do you say.’ I said that I am ready, Revered Father.

The Supreme Father placed His holy hand on my head and stated that no one would point a finger towards you. I served as a Bhangidas for 32 consecutive years till 2012. According to the holy words of Revered Present Spiritual Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan that Bhangidas who have become above fifty years or have become old should give a chance to others to serve, I left the service of Bhangidas and took permanent service in the royal canteen of Dera Sacha Sauda.

He tells that it is in the year 1981 when I got married. After that in 1983, a girl was born in my house. After this, till the year 1988, four boys were born in my house but none of them survived. Thereafter, in the year 1988, my whole family prayed at the holy feet of Revered Supreme Father Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj that  Revered Father, I had four boys, but no one survived. At this the Revered Supreme Father got two kinnus from devotee volunteer Lachman Singh.

Directing His vision on the kinnus, put one in my lap and one in my wife’s lap and said, “These four sons born in your home were likely to make you indebted and also bring bad name to your family. Now We will bless you with a son who earnsmoney. We christen him as Jagjeet. He will be born on December 2, 1992 at 8:00 am. At that time you will be busy in rendering humanitarian service at Dera Sacha Sauda .’ When we got up and started leaving, the Revered Father again called us and stated to me that you have firm faith, but your family members have fluctuating faith.

The Revered Supreme Father asked Lachman Singh  for a scenery to give me as a token of love and asked me that do have a diary? I said yes, yes, ReveredFather. The Supreme Father stated that ‘You write in the diary, 02 December 1992, at 8:00 am.’ The Revered Father got the said words written in the diary and gave me the scenery as a token of love.The blessed eatable was given to everyone. After that most of the time I remained busy in rendering humanitarian service. But because of not working in the house, my brother started getting angry with me. He separated from me. But the Revered Spiritual Master had always mercy on me. I never felt shortage of anything.

The day of 02 December 1992 also arrived. I had gone to the villages of the block that day to give the message of  humanitarian service to be rendered at Dera Sacha Sauda. That day a boy was born at my brother’s house at eight in the morning. At that time my brother was angry with me. But when the boy was born, the Revered Spiritual Master gave a  thought to my brother at that time, he placed the baby boy in the lap of my wife and said that this is your son.  He distributed the laddoos ( a type of  Indian sweet) and rejoiced and said that we already have a boy. But it’s yours. In this way, the words of the Revered Spiritual Master were fulfilled and the brother also started talking, that is, the displeasure went away.

After 21 days, when the whole family went toDera Sacha Sauda Sirsa  to congratulate the Revered Present Spiritual Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan , we congratulated Revered Present Spiritual Father on the birth of my son.We also requested to the Revered Spiritual Father to christen the newly born baby boy, the Revere Present Spiritual Father smiled and said, ‘We had already named it, Jagjit.’ – Then we regretted our mistake and we – apologized to the Revered Father.

The Revered Present Spiritual Father said, ‘ We got it written in the diary written. Have you forgotten?’ ‘ The Revered Present Spiritual Fatherstated the same words which the Revered Supreme Father Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj had stated in 1988. The Revered Present Spiritual Father blessed us with a lot of happiness. Now that boy has taken over my business. He is a decent boy. I cannot repay the benevolence that the Spiritual Master has done on me. I can only salute my Spiritual Mastermillions of times. I serve in Dera Sacha Sauda wholeheartedly and it is the prayer at the holy feet of the Revered Present Spiritual Father ( who is  another form of the Revered Supreme Father) that I should keep rendering humanitarian service  till the last breath of my life.


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