1. Born (to take birth):

My wife was born in 1960.
Borne (supported): He is suffering from water borne disease.
2. Bad (not good): He is a bad man.
Bed (sleeping place): I go to bed at 11pm.
3. By (assistance): A snake was killed by Raju with a stick.

Buy (purchase): I want to buy a car.
4. Beet (a vegetable): I prefer mango to beet.
Beat (to thrash): It is wrong to beat the students with a stick.
5. Borrow (to take loan): I have borrowed some money from Bank.
Burrow (a hole in earth): A mouse lives in this burrow.
6. Cell (a small cottage): There are more than twenty cells in that prison.
Sell (verb-to dispose off): He sells fruits and vegetables.
Sale (noun-act of selling): I have purchased this dress from that shop on discount sale.
7. Beach (shore): Many people like to walk along the sea beach.
Beech (a kind of tree): There are many Beech trees near the railway station.
8. Brake (lever): I am going to get the brake wire changed.
Break (to make a part): Can you break this stick with your hans?
9. Bow (bend): Let us bow to our mother land India.
Bough (a branch of tree): Many birds are sitting on the bough of the tree.
10. Bridal (pertaining to marriage): She is looking beautiful in her bridal dress.
Bridle (reins): It is not easy to bridle a vicious horse.