The salutation plays a vital role not only in our Indian culture but in the whole world as a whole. It is part and parcel of our daily routine. Not only our day begins with salutation but our day also ends with it. It does not matter what is the language, the most important is how you greet.
We give importance to the words of our salutation though it is only a formality.  We salute anyone or respect him. It should be from the core of our heart. Then only it is beneficial for us otherwise it becomes the word taken from the dictionary.
One most important thing related to this is to ask about the well-being. This is common with everyone. Generally we ask how are you? How are you feeling?  You get the answer that I am OK. How are you? You say that I am also OK with your blessings.
The exchanges of such sentences are natural. But some people do wonder. When asked about their well being they reply with sad face, Ok, I am well. Or they will say that they are passing the time. Or they will say what Ok? When asked about their well being they will start complaining about the problems of the whole world as if they are the only person in the world who is amidst the problems. They will respond with the thoughts and behavior without any encouragement that no joy is left in their life and as if our view about them is totally negative and there is no hope left.
On the other hand there are some people, though they are in trouble, they will have smile on the face and will reply that they are OK and happy. The positive approach of the person uttering these words is reflected. It gives the impression of ones being hopeful.  These words are not merely the words. These words show reality of the person. By these words he is presently selecting the positive and hopeful situations for himself. The situations of the above two kinds of persons are almost the same. The difference is only about the approach, dreams and about the selection.
Whenever any person seeing our personalities and activities estimates our age less than the real one, we feel very happy. Sometime we feel that now we have not that encouragement, freshness, smartness and activeness as before. In that case if someone reminds us that we have all that things within us, this really makes us feel the encouragement, freshness and smartness.
Words are miraculous. Words and thoughts generate our emotions and the emotions transform the words and thoughts in reality. We are like this only. Our daily routine conversations and the ways of salutations not only affect our encouragement, freshness and smartness but also have direct effect on our health.
Some people keep their confidence high even in very ordinary situations. They remain encouraged and hopeful and according to that only they salute and greet and show their emotions. Their words and emotions become the reality of their life. As are our emotions, they affect our life like that.
Our thoughts, emotions and words activate our brain cells or neurons. Our brain cells and neurons, when get activated, persuade us to the maximum extent to work in the desired directions that we are forced to fulfill our dreams and without that we cannot sit in peace. So to gain health, success and creativity, it is very necessary that we should use the right way, right words with right emotions for salutation and greetings in our conversations.