Green Tea

StopsHair Fall


You must be wondering for how the green tea checks the hair fall. This seems to be surprising but it has been proved that by drinking one cup of green tea, not only many health related problems disappear but it also helps in stopping of hair fall. So if you have a wish to have long beautiful hair, start taking green tea.

Vitamin B (Panthenol):

Green Tea is rich in Vitamin B. which you can find in the beauty products, especially in hair conditioner. This keeps check on the double edge hair, makes them soft and gives strength to the follicle of the hair. By the use of green tea or direct applying of it on the skin of the head helps in growth of healthy hair.

Relief from itching:

We all know that the itching in the head and dandruff can also be the reason for hair fall, the soothing effects of the green tea help in the hair increase and get relief from itching and other related problems.

Full of antioxidants:

The antioxidants present in the green tea, which we call poli phenols prove to be very effective because antioxidants save you from the loss occurred to the hair cells by free radicals. From this point of view the anti-oxidants have the qualities of keeping your hair healthy and good growth in it.

Check increase of DHT:

Green Tea DHT (De hydro testosterone) checks the increase of elements which are responsible for petite or no growth of hair. Green Tea elements with action with testosterone ensure that the testosterone quantity in blood should be equal, so that these five Alfa Redectaze do not react and do not convert in to DHT. Due to its antiseptic qualities, this reduces inflammation and cures dandruff and problems like soarasis .

Helpful in regrowth of hair:

According to the experts, the (EGSG) present in the green tea prevents the hair falling. In the researches this powerful antioxidant has been considered to be the main factor for increasing of hair. This checks the production of Tumour Neckrosis Factor (TNF), which is the main reason for the hair fall, joint pain and cancer.

With the usage of green tea, not only the hair growth is fast and the problem of hair fall is removed, but also it helps in getting rid of health problems.

Throw away the tension and worry:

Some people face the problem of hair fall due to tension and worry. These are considered to be one of the main reasons of hair fall. Regular use of green tea enables the mind to remain tension free and in comfortable position due to which there is decrease in hair fall.

Removes bacteria from the scalp:

After doing shampoo in your hair, wash the head with one cup of green tea. This will help you to remove bacteria and fungus from your head. These are not caught easily and damage your hair badly. Hence after washing the hair with green tea you can easily finish these dangerous foreign elements.

These bacteria and fungus while staying on your scalp make the routes of the hair very weak and thus the problem of hair fall arise. – Dr. Gaurav Gupta