Most Fearful Rides of the World
The experience of this ride is like 4 D. The seats of this ride automatically moves front and back and during the ride these seats are inter changed.Taking ride on the roller coaster is like holding the breaths and moreover the heartbeats increase like anything, that you cannot even dream off.

Inspite of this people enjoy it and make part of it with full enjoyment. Though these rides are on a very big height, but these rides do not take much time. Amongst these a few rides have got the name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Let us come and know about these rides who have made the people crazy.

Leap of Faith , Bahamas:

In this you will be going while swimming in a blue tube. You will be able to see the sharks very near to you. On seeing these, you will feel as if these are going to attack on you.


Kingda Ka (Six Flags), New Jersey:

This is world’s second fastest roller coaster and the highest roller. This has been built with hydraulic launcher. Its height is 456 feet. One ride is completed in 3.5 minutes at the speed of 20 kms per hour.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Formula Rossa, Abu Dhabi:

This is included in the list of fastest roller coasters. The speed of this ride can be well imagined that it completes one ride in five seconds only. During the ride its speed is 240 kms per hour. At that time it is impossible to sit in it without helmet and glasses.

Scad Tower, Denmark:

It will or may prove to be the most fearful experience. In this you are thrown downwards from the height of 100 ft. This will be on the speed of 88 kms/pa. A net is fixed on the bottom which lessen your fear to some extent.



Tower Of Terror, Australia:

This is 100 ft high. It takes only 7 seconds in coming from top to bottom. Its speed is 161 km/pa. Here you can hear all the riders shouting at high pitch.

Alpine Slide, New Jersey:

Taking ride in this action park may be a thrill in addition to fun. During the ride either due to fear or fun, the noise of shouting can be heard.

Insanity ride atop the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas
This is 900 ft high. Here you have to sit on mechanical seat. This pushes back your seat to 70degree. In this ride you feel as if you are hanging in the air.


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