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Your Interaction Colleagues in Office Should be Crystal Clear 

SACHI SHIKSHA Your Interaction Colleagues in Office Should be Crystal Clear : Workplace Behaviour In today's fast moving life, everyone is connected to some works. Works, however,...

Get the benefit of sale offers and save your money

The idea of buying goods on sale is quite beneficial. Get benefit sale offers save money. Many times you van buy goods, even branded goods...

The Mantra of Success

In most of our prayers to God, we appeal for giving us courage when we fall as we repeatedly keep doing so. Falling down in...

Word often Confused (A – A)

1. Allusions (indirect reference): The poem is full of allusions. Illusion (a deceptive show ): Indian mythology regards the material world as an illusion. 2. Apposite (Proper): His...

Words often confused

1. Born (to take birth): My wife was born in 1960. Borne (supported): He is suffering from water borne disease. 2. Bad (not good): He is a...