bb-1Mouth is considered to be an important part of the body, since this is the medium to take food to the body. The teeth inside themouth are used to grind theeatables, so that they can flow through the throat pipe easily, to reach to the stomach. 

In our country since ancient times, the bark of the tree and its branches are used to clean the teeth. Via this medium of daatun we bring to contact of our gums, teeth and tongue, several juices. Specific juice of a specific tree not only keep our gums and teeth strong, it also pats several bodily diseases.

In this essay we are going to discuss that how using different daatun you can help getting prevented from different diseases:

Neem Daatun:

The bark of neem carries Nimbeen or Margoseen and nimbosterol, one kind of evaporating oil along with 6% Tainik. This daatun is considered to be the best. The juice out of these branches is considered best to remove the gum swelling, pyorrhea (bleeding), cavity, pus problem, burning sensation and even deshaping of the teeth.

If a pregnant woman does brush with this fresh daatun, regularly throughout pregnancy then the baby born remains healthy and is not in need of any vaccination.

Babool Daatun:

As per Ayurveda, Babool has properties to kill cough, and allergy. Also it helps controlling Vranroshan, Stambhan, Sankochak, Raktrodhak Kafaghn, Garbhashayshothhar, Garbhashay Snaavhaar. Babool has a sticky component inside. The juices inside babool pursue contents that help with Shwetpradar, Shukrarog, Atisar, Fuffusannan, Urakshat, Pravahika and also controls untime falling of the teeth, or loosening of it, along with gum bleeding, blister etc. are also controlled with it. Late Pandi Truptinarayan Jha Shastri shared that regulary using babool daatun helps with pregnancy and also saves from abortion.b

Arjun Daatun:

Hailing from Haritkyaadi genre, Arjun contains Crystalline Component, Arjunetin, Lectone, and Tainik. This helps with Rakt Stambhak, heart diseases, Raktpittnashak, Pramehnashak and also boosts the physical beauty. Using its fresh stick helps with high blood pressure, angina, diabetes, Rajyakshama etc. The breast comes in shape with its usage and also the waistline gets reduced.

Mahua Daatun:

In the chemcial composition of Madhuk or Mahua, is found Maurinblaykrosaaedal, Saiponin, which has effect of poison. But in its branch the effect is reverse, which is effective in case of Vaatpittnashak, Naadibaly, Coughnissarak, Mutral, Daahprashman, Kushtghan etc. Along with the teeth getting loose, bleeding of teeth, bad taste in mouth, mouth and throat drying, are also dealt with it. Using Mahua daatun in discipline also helps with urinary problems.

Bargad Daatun:

Bargad Bark contains 10% Tainik. Its juice is helpful in diseases like Vednahar, Vranropan, Shothhar, Eyesight, Raktstambhak, Raktpitthar, Garbhashayodhar, Shukrstambhakk, Garbhsthaapak, Raktpradar and Shwetpradar. The juice so taken in, helps with safety of the complete mouth.

Apamarg Daatun:

In Hindi Apamarg is known as Chirchita (Chidchid), In Bengali it is Apadu, in Maharashtra it is known as Ghada, in English it is also known as Prickly Chef Flower. This is a medicinal plant which has acidic qualities. This kills diseases like urinary track, stone, breathing problem, sweat produced disease, Vishagh, Amlatanashak, Raktvardhak Shothar etc.

Karanj Daatun:

Karanj Daatun helps with Piles, Sangrahanik, Mandagni kind of stomach degasses. This daatun even helps with throat related problems, like throat chocking, voice differentiation, itching sensation over throat, Pradar and heavy monthly bleeding. Khair (Khaadir) daatun helps removing the cavities, blood infection, cough and halitosis.
The daatun should be 6-8 inches long and must be used making thin brush. As far as possible, it should be used fresh only.
Using daatun early morning takes away all the filth accumulated during the night. And in night using soft brush takes out all the food particles stuck in the teeth. Take care of the

following things before using daatun:

* Don’t use daatun in standing position or while walking.

* You must wash out mouth only with plain water, after using any daatun

* Sit on fold of your knee and then use the daatun, the whole body will get benefit of it.

* Tear it from mid and then rub it over the tongue to clean it.

– Anand Kumar Anant


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