Some Beautiful but Dangerous Flowers
This is well known to all how trees are important for the survival of human beings.

These not only give oxygen but also maintain the environment friendly. Very useful medicines are made from many kinds of plants.

Trees are very beneficial for us, but there are some trees that are very dangerous as well. The seeds of some flowers and fruits are toxic. The chemicals of such trees take human life in a short time.

They look beautiful and attractive to see, but their beauty is a cheat. Let us know about such flowers, which are very beautiful, but are dangerous:

Flying Duck Arched:

It looks like a duck. It is found in the northern and southern jungles of Australia. This flower is very small and its length is only 50 cm. Its fragrance only can make the person unconscious.

Angel Trumpet:

This plant is found in many countries of North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Even if the name of this plant is ‘Angel’, there is no divine quality in it from any perspective. It is shaped like a trumpet. Its flower is beautiful to look at, but it is very dangerous. Angel trumpet contains scopolamine. Due to this, its hallucination power is very strong. Powder made from it has been used to execute many criminal incidents.

Flame Lilly:

This is the national flower of Zimbabwe. This flower is very amazing and is found in the tropical areas of Asia and Africa. Flame Lily’s plant grows with support. There are red and yellow flowers.

Bleeding Heart:

This flower has been named as ‘bleeding heart’ because it has a shape like a heart and at the end of the flowering leaves a small figure like a drop hangs, which is compared to a drop of blood.

These plants are found in many areas of the world. They are also used in making floral jewelry. But they are poisonous and they have a risk of serious skin disease, so it is better to stay away from them.

Chinese Lantern:

This flower is not only beautiful, but it also has many medicinal properties. It is used to make medicines of cough, cold and fever etc. Not only this, it is also used in malaria and labor-pain related medicines.

Ballerina Orchid:

This flower is like a small and terrestrial spider. This is mainly found in Australia. However, gradually it is becoming extinct.

Torch Ginger:

Do not think of it according to its name that you can break it straight and eat it. This flower is found in Malaysia. It is also used as a spice in making many food items there.

Monkey Arched

Seeing these flowers, you will see nothing else but monkeys, that is why it has been named as ‘Monkey Arched’. Well its technical name is ‘Dracula simia.’ Its last part is exactly like the monkey’s mouth.

Parrot flowers

This rare flower was discovered in Shan State of Upper Burma. Its seeds were shown in the Royal Garden in 1899.

Moon flower:

It is understood by the name of this flower that it blossoms at night. These flowers bloom in every evening and their petals are closed before the sun rises. It is best placed in the category of romantic flowers and everybody wants to plant it in his house. When its leaves are opened, it smells good. But let me tell you that these flowers are also poisonous. – Mahesh Prajapati


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